Millbrook Task Force Presentation Oct. 1
Millbrook Tarry Task Force Schedules October 1 Public Presentation

The Millbrook Tarry Task Force (MTTF) has scheduled a public presentation for October 1, 2013 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM in the Concord Town House. The purpose is to update the community on the MTTF’s progress, including changes to the conceptual redevelopment proposal resulting from MTTF and public input. The proposal includes a small Town-owned parcel that is unused and would require a 2014 Town Meeting vote to sell as surplus.

The MTTF has been working over the past several months to gain an understanding of the primary issues and impediments for any redevelopment to occur at the site, explore the developer’s plans in the context of the community’s goals and identify opportunities it presents. Once the MTTF receives community input at the October 1 public meeting, it will prepare recommendations for the Planning Board that will be discussed at the Planning Board’s October 22nd meeting. The recommendations will advance a context sensitive redevelopment plan that improves the site and is consistent with the community’s vision. They may include zoning changes or creating an overlay district.

Redevelopment of Millbrook Tarry could transform the underutilized but prominent site on the corner of Lowell and Keyes Roads into a vibrant sub-village of Concord Center. However, a successful plan must not only meet the developer’s needs, it must also have community input and support. The developer Jim White’s modified proposal more closely aligns with the community’s goals highlighted in the 2005 Comprehensive Long Range Plan and the 2007 Village Center Study. The size and density of the redevelopment has been scaled back and building heights reduced. Building orientations and site layout are more complementary to the surrounding neighborhood and provide better vehicle and pedestrian traffic circulation within the site. More green space along Mill Brook provides both a buffer for this important natural resource and a welcoming environment for visitors. Previously proposed underground parking and basements have been eliminated to address neighbors’ and MTTF concerns about flooding and compensatory stormwater storage. The remaining issues of concern will be reviewed in more detail by the appropriate Town agencies, boards and commissions once the developer submits a site design to begin the formal public review process. These issues include specifics about parking, traffic, water and sewer and Mill Brook impacts; pedestrian and bicycle access to and within the site; and site aesthetics such as architectural details and facades.

The public presentation will be preceded by a forum for members of Town boards and commissions that will be responsible for local regulatory review of the proposed redevelopment and town staff that supports these boards. That forum will begin at 5:00 p.m. in the Town House. Town agencies that will review the proposal are the Natural Resources Commission, Planning Board, Board of Health, Historic Districts Commission, Public Works Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals.

To be added to the MTTF distribution list to receive meeting notices and updates, please contact Marcia Rasmussen, Director of Planning and Land Management, at 978-318-3290 or

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