Outdoor Water Use Restriction - Remains in Effect
Outdoor Water Use

Restriction – Remains In Effect

 The Outdoor Water Use Restriction, as declared by the Public Works Commission on July 18th, 2013, remains in effect. 

 This week’s forecasted hot weather in combination with the lack of rain over the past two weeks is likely to trigger a substantial increase in Concord’s water demand.  We ask that you remain diligent and only use water outdoors 2 days per week.  

 Your continued support is appreciated and will help keep water demand sustainable for the next few weeks until the summer heat waves have passed and we are confidently able to lift water use restrictions.  

 Failure to maintain this balance may trigger a need for the Public Works Commission to elevate the Seasonal Water Demand Management Plan to Emergency levels– effectively prohibiting all outdoor water use. 

 For updates and additional information on Outdoor Water Use Restrictions under Concord’s Seasonal Water Demand Management Plan, visit www.concordma.gov/water.

 Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.