Tick Borne-Illness Prevention
Are You at Risk for Tick-Borne Illness? 

The Concord Health Division is conducting a summer educational campaign on prevention of tick-borne illnesses.  We would like to better understand our residents’ baseline knowledge about tick-borne illnesses, experience with these diseases, and risk of exposure.  Residents are invited to take a short survey at http://tinyurl.com/MiddlesexTickSurvey .  The survey contains answers to questions about ticks, tick-borne illnesses, and prevention strategies for residents and their pets.  The information gathered will be used to tailor future educational programs towards the needs of our community. 

The Concord Health Division also recommends an excellent short informational video about preventing tick bites, recently produced by the Carlisle Health Department, which is available at www.tinyurl.com/tickbiteprevention