Outdoor Water Use Restriction Issued
The Town of Concord needs your help to curtail water use. 

The Public Works Commission Has Declared a
State of Water Supply Conservation

Outdoor Water Use Restriction  

Due to an extended period of extreme heat and lack of precipitation, customer demand has reached the limits of our available water supply.   To curtail water use, the following Outdoor Water Use Restrictions have been put in place, until further notice.

Outdoor Uses
Lawn Watering – Restricted – Maximum of 2 days per week *
Swimming Pools – Restricted - No Filling, Topping-Off Only *
Residential Gardens –Handheld Watering Only
Car/Truck/Boats – Bring to a Commercial Carwash

Indoor Uses
        Dish Washers – Wash Full Loads
        Laundry – Wash Full Loads
        Showering/Bathing – Reduce time in shower
            (Showers generally require less water than baths)

* Enforceable with fines, under the Town of Concord Water Use Restriction Bylaw;
1st offense - $50
Each additional offense - $100

Please adjust your irrigation controller accordingly.  If you do not know how to adjust your controller, contact your irrigation professional.

Concord Public Works is monitoring customer demand and available water supply around the clock and will provide additional information as it becomes available.

For additional information on
Outdoor Water Use Restrictions under the
Seasonal Water Demand Management Plan visit