Peak Electric Demand July 17 & 18
This is the third call of the 2013 summer season for a peak demand hour. Based on the weather forecast and the ISO (Independent System Operator) New England forecasts for electricity demand, we expect a peak demand on Wednesday, 7/17 and Thursday, 7/18 between 1PM – 5PM.

The ISO forecast for demand is very close for both days, with the expected higher demand being on Thursday. Because it is so close, we are calling for your help for both days. The ISO forecast drops off significantly for Friday, despite the weather forecast for continued high temps. 

If you are able to reduce or reschedule use of electricity during this time, you will help to reduce electricity costs to all Concord Light customers. You might consider:

  • turning up your A/C a few degrees
  • curtailing the use of electricity on pool pumps, dryers, and washing machines
  • planning a picnic supper, or cooking dinner on the grill
  • re-schedule use of appliances to either before or after the anticipated peak hours