Peak Electricity Demand Expected May 31
We would like to make the first call in 2013 for a peak demand hour tomorrow
(Friday) afternoon between 1PM - 4PM.

 As you know, the Google Group Program attempts to reduce the summer peak
that always occurs during June, July, or August. However, Concord Light also
pays a transmission charge each month based on our peak hourly demand for the
month which costs about $200,000 per month.

 Given the current weather pattern, there is a 99.9% chance our monthly peak
hour for May will occur tomorrow afternoon as it will be the warmest and
last day of May.

Therefore, it seems a shame not to try and save some money (any savings is a
direct pass through to you) and help the environment (during peak days like
tomorrow the less efficient generating plants which cause the most pollution will be operating.)

If you are able to reduce, reschedule, or curtail your use of electricity, you will
help to reduce electricity costs to all Concord Light customers.