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Limits on Farming
Farming has its Limits

 Springtime in Concord is the time when farms spring to life, right? But does everyone appreciate the “sign farms” that occasionally spring up in certain locations as non-profit organizations and others who may be exempt from Concord’s sign bylaw sprout their “sandwich board” signs about Town in order to advertise their program or espouse their message?

There are certainly some community-oriented commercial institutions in Concord (banks and the like) which are nice enough to allow such non-profits to place their signs on their property in large numbers – and perhaps residents are OK with this because, after all, the signs are then located together in what is a commercial area anyway. But residents, non-profit organizations, and other individuals who may wish to place such signs on public property - particularly in our "downtown" areas - should be aware that the Town Manager’s Office has developed what is aimed at being a neutral policy for limiting both the number and length of time such signs may be placed on traffic islands and other public locations around Concord.

So if you happen to see a “sign farm” of more than three signs growing in any public location in Concord, or if you see individual signs in such locations for more than two weeks, there is no doubt that the sign owner was not aware they should check in with Town Manager’s Office before placing their sign. The hope with the Town’s sign policy is essentially that it will be educational, and that sign owners will “self-enforce” – the policy has no “teeth” and is not meant to overburden any organization. The policy is simply intended to try and balance the community interest of learning about charitable organizations and events and allowing folks to freely share political ideas, with the interest of placing some modest limits on the proliferation of signs in the public places of the community we all cherish.

For more information, the Town’s Charitable and Political Sign Placement policy may be found on the Town’s web site at:    


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