Bike Corral - 2 Days Left!
Saris Bike Corral Photo Contest
The Planning Division needs your support!

In early March, the Planning Division entered the Town of Concord into the Saris Bike Corral Photo Contest to win a bike corral (bike rack for 10 bikes) to replace a parking space in front of Reasons to be Cheerful on Commonwealth Avenue in West Concord. Thanks to all of the public support received, the Town of Concord has made it to the Final Three and the final round of voting is taking place from April 1st through April 5th.

All of the first round votes have been cleared from the system. So, even if you voted in the first round, please be sure to vote again! Saris Racks will award a bike corral to the most popular entry in the most compelling location.

VOTING takes place at the Saris Facebook page:

Top 10 Reasons to support this:
  • It is a recommendation of the 2013 Parking Management Plan & could be the first recommendation implemented! [This Plan reveals that there is an abundance of parking in West Concord, so devoting 1 space to bikes makes sense];
  • A bike corral provides parking for 10 bikes (10 customers) while a parking space fits 1 car [or at best 2 if they're Smart!];
  • Prolific biking community in and around Concord but not enough biking infrastructure to support or encourage it;
  • Recent and proposed redevelopment of some of West Concord's business and industrial areas will add to the vibrancy of the downtown and attract more bikers/ increase need for biking infrastructure;
  • Safely located in protected parking spot next to crosswalk and near pedestrian alley between Reasons to be Cheerful and West Concord 5 & 10. [In addition, this part of Commonwealth Avenue is pretty wide = enough room for bikes and cars];
  • Prime access to Reasons to be Cheerful, West Concord 5 & 10, Debra's Natural Gourmet, Dabblers and many other West Concord staples;
  • Desire for bike racks expressed by businesses in this area tired of bikers leaning bikes against their storefronts for lack of a better place to stash them. [Not to mention support from Police Department looking to reduce store-owner complaints of bikers doing this];
  • Convenient access to the West Concord MBTA Commuter Rail station and the future Bruce Freeman Rail Trail;
  • Can easily be removed before winter snow storms and plowing;
  • Would be a first for the Town and could lead to more if successful. Just think of the possibilities!