Revised Fee Schedule
Effective January 1, 2013


Certified copies
(other than Vital Records)
Cost of document + $3.00
Computer diskette (existing reports)
Computer print out (existing reports)
Photocopies (not available for vital records)


Sign Bylaw
Street (Resident) List - book or diskette
Subdivision Rules & Regs. 
Voter List - print out
Voter List - diskette
Voter List - 
1st annual copy for candidate or political committee
Zoning Bylaw Book
Zoning Bylaw Map


Dog License (per dog, up to 3)
$20.00 (Unaltered dogs); $15.00 (Spayed or Neutered dogs--veterinarian certification required)
Dog License Late Fee - after March 31
(per dog, in addition to license fee)
"Kennel" License
4 dogs
5 dogs
6 dogs
7 dogs
8 dogs
9 dogs
10 dogs
>10 dogs
Kennel License Late Fee - after March 31
(per kennel, in addition to license fee)


Voter Registration Card
Notary Public Services
(We reserve the right to limit quantity of services performed at one time.)
$2.00 for a single document notarized; $3.00 for an attestation document; multiple documents requiring 5 or more notary/witness signatures are subject to a minimum charge of $15 and require pre-scheduling
Special Services:
special or expedited handling, custom report creation, etc. (In addition to standard charges)
up to $50.00 depending on nature of service


Raffle (non-profit organizations only)
Out-of-Business Sale Permit
$20/1st page; $2/each additional page
Underground fuel storage (annual)


Business Certificates (DBAs)
(renewal every 4 years)
Business Certificates - Change of Business Name
Business Discontinuance/
change of address/withdrawal/deceased
No Charge
Utility Pole Locations Recording

Birth Certificates
$15.00 1st copy; 10.00 each additional copy of same record if ordered together
Death Certificates
(No charge for Burial Permit)
$10.00 each copy
Marriage Certificates
$15.00 each copy
Marriage License Application
(Includes 1 certificate after marriage)
Vital Record Amendments (includes one certificate following correction if paying for correction)
$50.00 (no charge for adding father or hospital error if change made within 1st 6 months of birth)
Recording of "Out of Commonwealth" Events (includes one certificate following recording)
Recording of Delayed Record of Birth (includes one certificate following recording)
Recording of Home Birth (includes one certificate following recording)
Genealogical Research: no charge for up to 15 minutes; $25 for up to 1 hr; $25 for each additional hour; plus cost of certified copies