Junction Park Reconstruction
Grand Opening of Junction Park - June 20, 2013

Project contractor, Cali Corporation completed the work at Junction Park which included the installation of landscape retaining walls, pervious paver/stone reservoir infiltration system, perennial planting beds, shade trees, bushes, shrubs and other amenities including benches and bicycle racks.  CMLP installed LED light posts and CPW's Water and Sewer Division installed a water filling station and watering spigot.  Junction Park was designed specifically with great emphasis on sustainability and low impact development.  The design of the park was a collaborative effort between Concord Public Works and The West Concord Green Thumbs.  The Green Thumbs also provided financial contributions which are greatly appreciated.

This internally designed (CPW Engineering Division) park rehabilitation project was funded largely by grants and donations, with the Town's contribution amounting to less than 35% of the total project cost.  Thanks to OARS and Intel who provided a substantial amount of funding.  Thanks also to members of REUSIT as well as Jill Appell, Bob Moran, Beat Lehman and Sue Felshin whose generous donations allowed the purchase of the water fill station, a game table which will soon be installed and reconstruction of the stairs leading to the plaza.


Chris Olbrot (Public Works Engineer), Alison Field-Juma (OAR), Dorrie Kehoe (West Concord Green Thumbs), Richard Reine, Director CPW and Bill Renault (Town Engineer)

Paul Chouinard (Cali Corp.) and Chris Olbrot (Public Works Engineer).
Richard Reine, CPW Director and Dorrie Kehoe (West Concord Green Thumbs)


Alan Cathcart, CPW Water/Sewer Superintendent, Jill Appel and
Melissa Simoncini, CPW Water/Sewer Sr. Env. & Regulatory Coordinator