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Concord offers community gardening at three locations, available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each garden is managed by one or more volunteer Garden Coordinators, who assign plots, help gardeners get seeds and compost, and provide information and advice to those who want it. If there aren’t plots available, your name may be added to a wait list. Gardeners are charged a nominal fee and asked to sign a letter of agreement recognizing the Town’s rights and the gardener’s responsibilities.

All plots are $12 for a full plot ($6 for fixed income gardeners). Half plots are available for $6. Please contact the garden coordinators to request a plot. At this time, all gardens are fully subscribed and there is a waitlist for each garden.

Hugh Cargill
Walden Street (across from the courthouse)
Number of Plots:        75
Plot Size:              25 x 30                          feet

Garden Coordinators:

Cousin’s Field  
off Prairie Street

Number of Plots:        25
Plot Size:              25 x 30 feet

 Garden Coordinators:         

East Quarter Farm
Meriam Road (by Ripley School)
Number of Plots: 72
Plot Size:      25 x 25 feet

General Rules and Guidelines
Concord has long supported community gardens and has three community gardens on town land with over 100 plots. With the burgeoning interest in gardening and local food production, all gardens are subscribed to capacity, though there is limited turnover from year to year and the garden coordinators maintain a waiting list.

These guidelines have been developed to formalize the policies and guidelines that govern Concord’s community gardens. Garden guidelines inform the gardener of the expectations of participating in the community garden, and provide a context for administering and enforcing policies.

  • Plots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, with preference given to returning gardeners. Plots are available first to residents and Town employees, and second to out-of-town gardeners. Plots are assigned by the garden coordinators in this order:
  • Renewing gardeners
  • Returning gardeners wishing to change plots
  • New gardeners
  • Returning gardeners wishing more space
  • Annual plot funds are used by the Town to improve existing and develop new community gardens. Funds are used to pay for water, manure, tilling, and plowing services. Additional funds may be raised by each garden, with amount and use agreed to by a majority of gardeners (usually at the spring meeting). Please make checks payable to the Town of Concord and give to the community garden coordinator, who will submit the group of checks to the Town.
        Full annual plot (25’x25’)      Standard fee  $12               Fixed income $6         
        Half annual plot (12’x25’)      Standard fee  $6                Fixed income $5                 
        Perennial plot (10’x10’)        Standard fee  $10               Fixed income $5                 
                (East Quarter Farms only)
        One-time new gardener fee: $10

  • Gardeners who expect to retain plots must pay the garden coordinator by April 18, 2014.
  • Gardens must be planted by June 1. Because of high demand, if plots are not planted by this date, they may be reassigned with no refund.
  • Plots are not transferable.
  • Gardens are intended largely for household use. Commercial sale from plots is prohibited.  Donation of produce and flowers to Open Table and other local food pantries is encouraged.
  • Gardens must be kept relatively weed free to minimize weeds from spreading to adjacent plots.
  • Gardeners must attend at least one gardener meeting to discuss community garden needs, volunteer for shared tasks, schedule cleanup dates, and get to know fellow gardeners.
  • Only organic amendments such as compost, manure, bone meal, fish emulsion, etc. are permitted. Non-organic pesticides, fertilizers, and fungicides are not allowed. If in doubt, check with the garden coordinator, Division of Natural Resources, or the UMass Extension Publication “New England Vegetable Management Guide, Guidelines for Organic Fertility Management” (
  • Plastic mulch, reemay row covers, tomato cages, temporary fencing, staking, compost bins, wheelbarrows, and any other non-biodegradable materials must be removed by October 31 (or the season-end cleanup date). Plots not cleaned up by this date may be forfeited.
  • No permanent structures are permitted without approval from the Town.
  • Cover crops (i.e. winter rye) are encouraged to stabilize soils and provide a green manure.
  • All rocks should be removed from the garden area and piled in labeled areas (not in common paths). All sizable rocks should be removed by year’s end.
  • Gardens are open dawn until dusk, seven days a week.
  • Parking shall be only in designated areas and during times that gardens are open.
  • Dogs are permitted, but must be leashed.
  • Children are welcome, under adult supervision.
  • People under 18 may rent a plot with the written permission of their parents and the garden coordinator.
  • The Town of Concord shall not be liable for any injury to persons or property resulting from community gardening activity.
  • If you need special accommodations in order to participate, please contact the Division of Natural Resources at 978.318.3285.

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