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Join Concord Light’s Google Group (CMLP-CAP) & help reduce the summer peak!

We hope you will join our efforts to help reduce the Town’s summer electrical peak and the cost of electricity to all Concordians. The summer peak demand season is June 1st through August 31st. 

Fifteen percent of your electric bill is directly related to the amount of electricity Concord uses for just one hour during the entire year.

That one hour, referred to as the peak demand hour, occurs on a hot weekday afternoon sometime in June through August usually between the hours of 1PM – 4PM.  

The defining hour is determined by the highest hourly peak for all of New England which is as easy to predict as the weather. 

As a CAP Google Group member, we ask you to voluntarily reduce electric use when peak electric demand is predicted.  We will send out an email notification the day before to all CAP members when it appears that a possible peak hour may occur. 

You can help by postponing the use of appliances like washers and dryers until later in the day, shutting off pool pumps for a few hours, raising the setting on your air conditioning thermostat a few degrees, or cooking dinner on the grill….you get the idea. 

By reducing our electric use during these hours, everyone benefits with lower electric rates and a cleaner environment as the least efficient electric generating plants operate during peaks in order to provide enough capacity.

If you are already a member, just wait for our email notifications of potential peak days based on weather conditions. Pass this information on to family and friends who may also want to help. They can join the Google Group by simply sending an email with the Subject and Body blank to: 

Thank you for helping to reduce the summer peak demand and keep Concord’s electric rates competitive.

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