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Senior Work Program
For Job Announcement and Application form, click here

· To employ qualified senior citizens who will apply their earnings toward payment of a portion of their property taxes;
· To increase senior citizen involvement in local government; and
· To enhance municipal service by utilizing the skills of resident senior citizens.

· 60 years of age or older;
· Possess skills that can be utilized by the Town (as identified on the Senior Work Application); and
· Own and occupy, as a principal residence, the property for which taxes are paid.

· $12.00 per hour for all jobs, or as may be amended and approved by the Town Manager.
· Program participants may be able to earn up to $900 per fiscal year, however:
· Additional earnings are possible if Senior Worker Program funds are available, or if funds are available from the department for which the employee works; and
· Earnings may be restricted to less than $900 if Program funds are limited and the employee starts part way through a fiscal year, or has participated in the program in previous years.
· Required employment deductions will be taken from pay.

· A variety of jobs may be available; types of duties may include general labor, gardening, skilled project support, record filing, data entry, customer service, etc.
· The program will attempt to match the skills and interests of applicants to the needs of Town departments.
· The number of positions available is based upon funding in each fiscal year combined with the needs of various Town departments.
· Senior citizens may participate in the program for more than one year if funds are available, their qualifications continue to match the needs of a department, and other equally qualified applicants are not awaiting placement in a position.

Application Process:
· Applications are accepted at any time, but will only be considered as long as funds are available in any given fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).
· All applicants are required to complete the Senior Work Application Form, which is available in person or via mail from the:

1) Human Resources Office
Town House
22 Monument Square

2) Council on Aging Office
Harvey Wheeler Community Center
1276 Main Street

· Completed applications must be returned to the:
Human Resources Office, Town House, P.O. Box 535, 22 Monument Square.
· A copy of the applicant's most recent property tax bill must be attached to the application.
· All applications will be reviewed by the Town's Senior Management Team to determine whether the applicant's skills and interests match the needs of any Town departments.
· Applicants may be invited to one or more interviews to confirm their qualifications.
· All applicants will be notified of their standing in the program as soon as a decision has been made regarding their individual application.
· The applications of senior citizens who are not hired will be maintained and may be reviewed again later in the program year to determine whether a job opportunity has developed.
· Individuals who need accommodation in order to participate in this process should contact the Town’s Human Resources Department.
· All appointments will be made by the Town Manager.
· No position will be offered to a candidate until the Town Manager's approval has been obtained in accordance with the Town's personnel policies.
· Jobs will be offered based upon eligibility, qualifications meeting departments’ needs, and availability on the times and days needed (including providing for one’s own transportation).

Questions regarding this program should be addressed to the:

Concord Human Resources Department
Town House, P.O. Box 535, 22 Monument Square
Concord, MA 01742

Volunteers Make a Difference!
This program represents a modest effort to provide some financial relief to retired taxpayers of Concord. Yet the program can not assist every eligible citizen. This program will prove counter-productive if its effect is to discourage volunteerism with respect either to committees or to other civic activities. For those who are not eligible or not selected for work within this program, please continue to volunteer. Concord needs you!

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