Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Advisory Committee
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, Director
141 Keyes Road, First Floor 
Concord ,MA 
(978) 318-3290
(978) 318-3291
Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

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Committee Members
Kent Carlson
Judy Perrin
Jim Lyon
Gretchen Roorbach
Mark Hanson
Judy LaRocca
Keeper of Records
Meeting Schedule

June 2, 2016 meeting cancelled and rescheduled to June 9, 2016,
7 p.m., Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main Street

The original Vision statement for the trail can be found on this website under Historic Reports BFRTAC Initial Vision Statement 2007.

The original Vision statement for the trail remains unchanged except for three small modifications:  (1) Because the 2008 Town Meeting decided that the trail will be paved, the sentence “we are particularly interested in alternatives to asphalt” should be deleted.  (2) Because other potential trail users may be identified at any time during the trailís design and construction, the phrase “during this phase of the study” should be deleted.  (3) The term “non-motorized” in the first line of the original statement shall not be interpreted to exclude motorized wheelchairs or other motorized devices required by persons with mobility impairments to use and enjoy the trail.

The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Board of Selectmen and Town Manager on matters concerning the design, development, and long-term maintenance of the BFRT.

The Bruce Freeman Rail Trail is a proposed 25-mile shared-use path between Lowell and Framingham along the former right-of-way of the Old Colony Rail Road, 3.5 miles of which is located in Concord. The shared-use path is in various stages of development along the project corridor. A feasibility study entitled "Environmental and Engineering Assessment Report - Concord Section" was prepared on behalf of the Town in August of 2005 using funds donated by the Friends of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail and supporters within the community. The Assessment Report concludes that it would be feasible to convert the former railroad corridor into a rail trail. The report also identified physical, financial, and political challenges that must be addressed in order to successfully develop and maintain the Rail Trail.

Rail trails have been developed across the country to serve a variety of purposes, including: promoting alternative transportation, recreation, energy conservation, clean air, and enhancement of a community's quality-of-life. The Selectmen support these objectives. However, in developing a rail trail, it will be important to address concerns regarding environmental constraints, abutter impacts, public safety, financing and on-going maintenance and up-keep requirements, among other issues.

Duties and Responsibilities
1.      To review and consider the data, analysis and recommendations contained in the August 2005 Assessment Report;
2.      To make recommendations to the Town Manager and Board of Selectmen concerning the steps to be followed toward the design, planning, and development of the rail trail, including identifying any issues, concerns and constraints that are likely to arise during the design, permitting and construction phase.
3.      To solicit public input concerning the development of the BFRT, including the holding of at least one public hearing, widely advertised throughout the community;
4.      To solicit from the Town's engineering and public safety staff input concerning traffic and safety issues involving the BFRT, particularly in areas where the rail trail intersects with existing roadways and railroad crossings;
5.      To make recommendations to the Town Manager concerning the use of staff, outside consultants and the allocation of resources toward the development of the Rail Trail;
6.      To consider the financial impacts of the project and to devise strategies for securing substantial state or federal government assistance for the development of the Rail Trail;
7.      To consult with relevant Town boards and committees concerning strategies for the development and maintenance of the Rail Trail;
8.      To make recommendations concerning:
a. Permitting and Design
b. Construction
c. Financing
d. Annual Operating Cost, including trash removal, repairs, resurfacing, seasonal operation, and related financial considerations;
e. Other related matters.
9.      To meet regularly and annually elect a chair and clerk.
10.     To communicate with local officials and BFRT proponents in the Towns of Sudbury and Acton, with the objective of coordinating Concord's efforts with those occurring in neighboring towns;
11.     To submit a draft report of its findings to the Board of Selectmen, and after making any necessary revisions, to submit a Final Report to the Board of Selectmen.

Other Considerations
The Committee is responsible for conducting its activities in a manner which is in compliance with all relevant State and local laws and regulations, including but not limited to, the Open Meeting Law, Public Records Law and Conflict of Interest Law. The Committee shall consult with the Town Manager concerning the allocation of town staff or financial resources toward this project.