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Concord Retirement Board (A)
Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 8:30 AM
Town House, 22 Monument Square, Selectmen's Office
Concord Retirement Board
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Selectmen’s Hearing Room – 22 Monument Square, Concord, MA

1.      Approval of Minutes – January 24, 2014

2.      Approval of December 18, 2013 Preliminary Actuarial Valuation Meeting

3.      Approval of January 31, 2014 retiree payroll:           

Pension         $426,179.31                                                     
Annuity                 $  86,494.79                                            
Total Payroll:          $512,674.10

4.      Approval of Expenses (estimated at:$77,067.18; 3(8)(c) reimbursement:  $95,427.27)

5.      Report of Investment Transactions since last meeting (itemized transactions available for viewing in the Concord Retirement Office)
6.      New Members
Name            Unit            Department      Position           Hire Date            Group
Kyle Moulaison  School  CPS                     Tutor              01/21/2014           1
Rebecca Laders  School  CCRSD           Tutor              01/02/2014           1
Angel Diaz              School  Transportation  Bus Driver         01/06/2014           1
Amy Traywick    Town            Human Res.      Asst Director  02/03/2014               1
Donna Wetherell Town            CMLP            Sr Dept Clerk  02/17/2014               1
Kevin Lehner    School  Transportation  Bus Driver          01/21/2014          1

7.      New Retirements:
Name            Unit            Department       Position       Retirement Date   Service

8.      Refunds/Rollovers:
Name            Unit            Department              Position        Amount  Service None

9.      Transfers to other Systems
Name                    Unit            Department      Position        Amount  Service
Antoinette Benhaim      School  CPS/CCRSD       Dist Acct       $36,333.38      7.8333
Transferring to Middlesex County Retirement System

Michelle Lechtanski     School  CPS                     Kindergarten $1,714.11  1.0000
Transferring to MTRS                                            Asst

Donna Holdman           School  CPS                     Kindergarten $10,418.26 3.6667
Transferring to MTRS                                            Asst

10.     Deaths: NONE

11.     Other Business – Review of Correspondence & Other Documents:
•       Asset Allocation and Market Values at January 31, 2014 report
•       Annual Statement of the Financial Condition of the Concord Retirement System
•       Appointment of Election Officer
•       Application for Disability Retirement

12.     Adjournment - Next board meeting:  Friday, March 21, 2014

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