Northeast Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council (A)
Tuesday, July 9, 2013 at 9:30 AM
MEMA Region 1, 365 East St., Tewksbury, MA
Interoperability Committee of the Northeast Homeland Security Regional Advisory Council (NERAC)NORTHEAST HOMELAND SECURITY
Interoperability Committee Meeting
July 9, 2013
MEMA Region I
365 East Street, Tewksbury, MA

 Call to Order

 Approval of Minutes from the June 11, 2013 Meeting (9:30am-9:35am)

 Budget Update (9:35am-9:45am)

 Microwave Project Phase 2 (9:45am-10:15am)
         Microwave Phase 1 Report
         Used Microwave Equipment
         Monthly Maintenance Report

 NERAC Connect/WebEOC Server Conditions (10:15am-10:45am)

 Project Updates and Discussion (10:45am-11:15am)
         COMT Radios
         Fire Control Points/FSATS
         Hopkinton Generator
         Lawrence Fire AAR
         NERAC Interop Binder
         Repeater Refurbishment
         Statewide COML/COMT Courses
         WebEOC Support

 SIEC Report Out (11:15am-11:20am)

 New/Old Business (11:20am-11:30am)
         Hospital Radios
         Statewide CORE

**Next Meeting:  August 13, 2013