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Concord Retirement Board (A)
Tuesday, August 27, 2013 at 8:30 AM
Town House, 22 Monument Sq., Selectmen's Room
Concord Retirement Board
Tuesday, August 27, 2013
Town House, 22 Monument Square, Concord MA

1.      Approval of Minutes – July 24, 2013

2.      Approval of August 30, 2013 retiree payroll:            

        Pension         $410,278.38                                                             
        Annuity                 $  81,289.70                                                    
        Total Payroll:                  $491,568.08

3.      Approval of Expenses (estimated at $71,461.81)

4.      Report of Investment Transactions since last meeting (itemized transactions available for viewing in the Concord Retirement Office)
5.      New Members
        Name                    Unit            Department              Position                        Hire Date               Group
        Jessica White           School          CPS                     SPED Tutor                      09/06/2013              1
        Kimberly Hill           School          CPS                     Tutor                           09/06/2013              1
        Shannon Plummer School          CCRSD                   Sr. Adm. Assist.                07/01/2013              1
        Brian S. Schlegel       School          CPS/CCRSD               Facilities Manager              08/01/2013              1
        Ronald Holsinger        Town            Police                  Police Officer                  07/22/2013              4
        Amy Collins             School          CPS                     SPED Assist.                    09/06/2013              1
        Kimberly Stockton       Town            Police                  Dispatcher                      09/03/2013              1
        Michael Dreesen School          CPS                     SPED 1:1 Assist.                09/06/2013              1
        Melissa McDermott       School          CPS                     Math Tutor                      09/06/2013              1
        Alexandra Cohen School          CPS                     SPED Assist.                    09/06/2013              1
        Susan West              School          CCRSD                   Chef                            09/19/2013              1

6.      New Retirements:
        Name                     Unit            Department              Position                       Retirement Date   Service

7.      Refunds/Rollovers:
        Name                    Unit            Department              Position                        Amount          Service 
        Jane E. Karelas Town            CMLP                    SR. Dept. Clerk         $2,919.56               0.8333
        TO IRS:                                                                                 $   729.89

8.      Transfers to other Systems
        Name                    Unit            Department              Position                        Amount          Service 

9.      Deaths: None

10.     Other Business – Review of Correspondence & Other Documents:
        •       Asset allocation and market value at July 31, 2013 report
        •       PERAC Memo #22/2013 – MacAloney v. Worcester Regional Retirement System and PERAC CR-11-19 (CRAB 2013)

11.     Adjournment - Next board meeting: Friday, September 27, 2013 at 8:30 a.m.

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