File of Life
The FILE OF LIFE idea was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut a many years ago in a slightly different form as the Vial of Life, which was to be kept inside the refrigerator.  But the small vial, with a piece of paper containing medical information inside of it, kept getting lost.  In addition, when moisture accumulated in the vial, the information became unreadable.

In addition to the FILE OF LIFE for the refrigerator, a compact version is also available for a person to carry in a wallet or purse.  A card containing the same medical information is enclosed in the plastic case that is wtih the person at all times.

This personal wallet size version is an ivaluable resource to emergency medical teams responding to critical, life-threatening situations.  Haveing instant access to medical facts and data can make the difference when every second counts.

We have a supply of forms for the FILE OF LIFE in the office.  Please come by and take one home.  We also have smaller ones for your pocket or purse, for when you are out.  

We request that anyone using the Council on Aging transportation or taking a trip with us, have one with you in order to provide for your safety in an emergency.