Trustees of Town Donations
Contact TypeContact Information
Thomas Doe, Chair
Anthony Logalbo, Treasurer
22 Monument Square, PO Box 535 
Concord ,MA 01742 
(978) 318-3090
(978) 318-3093
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Trustees of Town Donations Reports:

Trustess of Town Donations - FY12 Report                Year ending June 30, 2012
Trustees of Town Donations - FY11 Report                Year ending June 30, 2011
Trustees of Town Donations - FY10 Report                Year ending June 30, 2010
Trustees of Town Donations - FY09 Report                Year ending June 30, 2009
Trustees of Town Donations - FY08 Report                Year ending June 30, 2008
Trustees of Town Donations - FY07 Report                Year ending June 30, 2007

Upcoming Meetings:

Meeting Place
Selectmen's Room, Town House
7:30 PM
August 19, 2014
Selectmen's Room, Town House
7:30 PM
October 28, 2014
Selectmen's Room, Town House
7:30 pm
February 17, 2015
Selectmen's Room, Town House
7:30 pm
April 28, 2015

Mission Statement:
The Trustees of Town Donations manage and dispense all real and personal property donated to the Town. They also hold title to any cemetery lot in perpetual trust as the exclusive burial place for anyone designated in the instrument by which such title becomes vested in the trustees. The five members of the Trustees are appointed by the Board of Selectmen.