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Town of Concord
Public Ceremonies and Celebrations Committee

Veterans’ Day Flag Retirement              
Wednesday, November 11, 2015                        
8 A.M.
Muster at Prichard’s Gate at 7:45 A.M.

The Flag Retirement Ceremony is traditionally held each year on Veteran’s Day and enables Concordians the opportunity to retire their American Flags in a respectful and appropriate manner.  This local ceremony was established in 1965 by James Carroll, Francis McDonald, Bernard Rushe, Thomas Tombeno and Clark McClevin, who felt that the many cemetery flags, which were torn and faded from being left in place through the fall and winter months, honored neither our nation’s colors nor our departed veterans.  It was decided that each year, on Veteran’s Day, the worn flags would be collected by the Public Ceremonies and Celebrations Committee and retired in an appropriate manner.

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Veteran's Day Flag Retirement
4-H flag2 Hughforweb0.jpg
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Honored Citizen Reception
Sunday, March 20, 2016
Town House

Each year since 1962, Concord has acknowledged the outstanding efforts of some very dedicated citizens at the Honored Citizen Celebration. ~The award to the Honored Citizen is intangible. During the year of honor, the citizen is asked to lead the Patriots Day Parade and participate in the town’s celebrations and ceremonies.  He/she receives a replica of the original Boston Post Cane presented annually to each Honored Citizen. In addition, the individual’s name is added to the plaque located in the Town House. The Honored Citizen(s) shall be a resident(s) of the Town of Concord who is not an Elected Official. Selection is based upon significant volunteer service to the Town and/or fellow citizens which is above and beyond any remuneration (employment or profession is not considered). Volunteer service shall have been given over an extended period of time and evaluated upon depth of commitment; position(s) held and amount of time given.

Meriam’s Corner Exercise                      
Saturday, April 9, 2016
Muster at Ripley Building at 12:30   

This commemoration marks the assembly and actions of militia and minuteman units that arrived at Meriam’s Corner during the British retreat from Concord, Aril 19th, 1775.  After the Regulars’ withdrawal from the North Bridge where they had engaged with more than 400 Minutemen, they began a retreat back to Boston. By the time the Regulars arrived at this spot at half past noon, there were reported to be about 1,100 Minutemen in the area from more than a dozen towns. A challenge by the Regulars started a classic guerilla action, which continued for many hours as the outnumbered British retreated towards Boston.  At least two British privates were killed and several others wounded here during that initial exchange.  By the time the day was over, 49 Colonials had died, 73 British troops were killed, plus 173 wounded and missing.
Thus began a war that would not end until Yorktown, more than six long years later, and thus our nation was born.

Meriams at homeweb.jpg

Patriots’ Day Parade                                
Monday, April 18, 2016
9 AM                             
Muster at Armory at 8:15 A.M.

Michigan at the Bridgeweb.jpgBarron Collier at Bridgeweb.jpg

The Patriots' Day Parade goes forward rain, snow or muck and covers a route of approximately 2.5 miles. Participants include musicians, Minuteman companies, color guards, cultural and youth groups and dignitaries from neighboring towns, the State, the nation, and several foreign countries with ties to Concord. At the North Bridge there is a ceremony to commemorate the engagement between the Minuteman companies and British troops with a wreath laying ceremony. The parade continues across the North Bridge and returns to Concord Center.

Dawn Salute                                              
Tuesday, April 19, 2016
6 AM                             
Muster at Buttrick Hillside at 5:45 A.M. 

Church bells at 1st Parish toll at 5:45AM to sound the alarm.
“Dr. Prescott” arrives at the North Bridge after riding across the fields calling out the warning to towns and villages that the Regulars were on the march and that their destination was Concord. The Concord Minutemen fire salutes and the Concord Independent Battery fire several volleys from the field at the Old Manse.



Memorial Day                                          
Monday, May 30, 2016
9AM & 11:00 AM                             
Muster at Rideout Field for 9AM and 11AM at Keyes Road

For some, beginning in 1775 and continuing today, responding to the challenge of citizenship has also meant a period of service in the Armed Forces. More than 1,400 men and women from Concord went to fight in WWII and just about 300 each to Korea and to Vietnam. Today, almost 1,000 Veterans live in Concord. Memorial Day is Concord’s opportunity to honor the men and women who, as friends, relatives, neighbors, and comrades served our community and our nation.
The morning ceremony assembles at Rideout Field on Laws Brook Rd. at 8:30 AM and proceeds to Kenneth Dunn Square for the flag raising and brief ceremony at 9:00 AM.  At 10:30 AM, the parade re-assembles at Keyes Road for an 11:00 AM step-off for the afternoon ceremonies. The parade proceeds to Monument Square for a brief ceremony and the reading of the Roll of Honor.


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