Wastewater Task Force

Jeff Wieand, Board of Selectmen
Jeff Adams, Natural Resource Commission
Fred Watriss, Residence C Zoning District Task Force
Arthur Fulman, Public Works Commission
Christopher Whelan, Town Manager
Marcia Rasmussen, Director - Planning and Land Management
Richard Reine, PWLF, Public Works Director
Alan Cathcart, Water/Sewer Superintendent
Hardik Raval, Public Works Water Engineer - Water Systems
Toby Kramer, Citizen Representative

Committee Origin

The Task Force was formed at the request the Board of Selectmen in February 2008 in response to the issuance of a Report in December 2007 entitled The Status of Municipal Wastewater in Concord, MA.  Selectmen chair Peggy Briggs attended the initial meeting of the Task Force on March 4 and requested that the group develop answers to the five fundamental questions posed in the Report:

1.   How much wastewater flow is associated with the desired development or redevelopment of areas identified in the Planned Production  Housing Plan and Comprehensive Long Range Plan?

2.   For what portion of this flow can and will the Town provide municipal wastewater management options?

3.   In what time frame is this new, municipally-managed flow anticipated to be generated?

4.  How will the Town fund design and construction costs associated with any future municipal wastewater management solutions?

5.  Which areas that are currently under-serviced have the highest value to the Town in terms of sustaining continued economic growth through the redevelopment and housing production?

Those interested in this topic are urged to read the December 2007 Report and subsequent publications shown below:

Meeting Minutes
Other Documents