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Mission Statement
As adopted by Steering Committee May 11, 2012
To engage and listen to a diverse cross-section of the community in surveying and identifying health assets and needs (as defined by four Healthy Communities components: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health), and to integrate data to form questions and prioritize needs that will culminate in an action plan for implementation.  
The Community Health Assessment Process is a grant-funded initiative comprised of Concord community members and employees.  Our goal is to assess the physical, mental emotional and spiritual health, as well as the overall well-being of the community, in an effort to identify our existing assets and resources, define needs, and determine opportunities for improvement. A healthy community is one that continuously creates and improves both its physical and social environments.  We define health in the broadest of terms, as a measure of overall well-being and as a by-product of a wide-array of lifestyle and behavior-related choices and factors.  

Our process strives to reach out to all residents, employees and businesses, as well as in the network of local groups (social, spiritual, geographic, etc.) that exist in our community at large. This very public participation project will seek input through a series of group meetings, interviews, short informal surveys. We also will be scheduling opportunities for all residents to contribute through focused efforts with pre-existing community groups and multiple public hearings, open to all.  
This project effort is the first step in an ongoing process, designed to generate continual recommendations to improve the quality of life and overall well-being of the Concord Community, and we look forward to your participation.

The Healthy Community Planning Project will be guided by the World Health Organization’s definition of Health:
According to the World Health Organization, health is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. A healthy community is one that continuously creates and improves both its physical and social environments. Such communities help people to support one another in aspects of daily life and to develop to their fullest potential. Healthy places are those designed and built to improve the quality of life for all people who live, work, worship, learn, and play within their borders. They also provide easy access and connectivity to other communities – places where every person is free to make choices amid a variety of healthy, available, accessible, and affordable options.”

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