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Computer and TVs
The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) banned the disposal of computer monitors and TV's from landfills and incinerators in Massachusetts due to the large quantity of lead contained in their screens. These items must be collected separately for recycling and may not be disposed of with regular trash. There is no ban on the disposal of other electronics (such as printers, fax machines, computers without monitors, cell phones, etc.) but programs that collect computer monitors and TVs for recycling usually collect these for recycling as well.
The following internet sites list information on electronics recycling and vendors that accept electronics:

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Local Recycling Opportunities
Concord Public Works provides two drop-off days per year for the recycling of computer monitors, TVs, and other electronic equipment. Some private haulers will pickup of computer monitors and TVs.

Reuse Opportunities for Newer Computers

TecsChange, 83 Highland St., Roxbury, MA 02119, 617-442-4456.  Takes laptops and pcs to distribute to social justice organizations in the US and overseas. Their program trains local citizens to fix computers and plays a positive social role in the Roxbury community.

PEP National Directory of Computer Recycling Programs

Electronic Industries Alliance

Manufacturer Takeback Programs
Manufacturers and retailers are beginning to provide electronics recycling opportunities for their customers.  Sony, HP, Gateway, Best Buy, and others are all developing electronics take back programs.  When you purchase a new piece of electronic equipment, ask the retailer about recycling services for your old equipment.

Below is information on computer recycling programs offered by some of the major computer manufacturers. This information is current as of December 2002. Please let us know if the information is no longer accurate of if you are aware of other information we can include.

For $30 Apple will recycle all Apple products.

Trade-up, donate, auction, or recycle any brand of PC, monitor, printer, keyboard, or mouse. When you recycle a computer through Dell they will email you a 10% off software and peripherals coupon which you can redeem online when you shop on the Dell Home Systems Software & Peripherals website.

Gateway does not have a recycling program, but will give you up to $50 credit towards a new Gateway PC if you provide a receipt for having donated or recycled a computer within 90 days prior to or following the purchase of a new Gateway computer.

For a fee of $13 - $34 HP will recycle any HP or non-HP brand of personal/office computer equipment or peripherals. This includes printers, scanners, fax machines, personal computers, desk-top servers, monitors, handheld devices, etc. – along with their associated external components such as cables, mice, keyboards, etc.

IBM will recycle any make or model of used computer, monitors, or printer for a fee of $29.99 (this price includes shipping).

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