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Additional Materials
Beyond Bottles and Cans
Large appliances are made mostly of metal and are banned from landfills and incinerators. Appliances used for cooling such as refrigerators, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers have Freon that must be safely removed before disposal. Most private haulers will collect these items for recycling or they may be brought to Concord’s spring and fall drop-off days.
Contact a private hauler or bring to Concord’s spring or fall drop-off day.
 Athletic Shoes
 Nike recycles old athletic shoes into tennis courts, playgrounds, and running tracks. Some shoe stores participate in this program, or they may be brought to our spring and fall drop-off days. Shoes in reusable condition can be brought to Good Will.
Good Will
Drop-off Day
Concord Public Works
City Sport Stores
Cars are one of the most recycled items that we ever own. Most cars end up in a lot where their parts are sold for after market use, and after that they are dismantled and recycled.

There are a number of charities that will pickup up your car. Some (if not all) charge about $65 if they deem your car unworthy for parts resale based on very objective criteria (age and type of car, for example, not whether the car runs or not). Most (if not all) require a title and Vehicle Identification Number. You can generally get forms and instructions from these agencies' web sites.
Salvation Army

 Automotive Products
Tires, batteries, anti-freeze, motor oil and filters, and other automotive products can be recycled by car repair shops and auto dealers. Ask your local mechanic about recycling these items. See "Motor Oil" below for more details.
Automotive Products
Local automotive mechanic or dealership
Regular household batteries are alkaline and if manufactured after 1993 may be disposed of with your regular trash, but all other batteries should be recycled.
The batteries listed below can be brought to Concord Public Works or to the semi-annual DropOff days for recycling.

Rechargeable batteries - cell phone, cordless phone, beeper, electric toothbrush, rechargeable flashlight, Palm Pilot, laptop computer, power tools, etc.
Button batteries - hearing aid, watch, calculator, laser pointer, etc.
Specialty batteries - such as lithium camera batteries
Small Lead-acid batteries - (used in home alarm systems)
Automobile batteries should be taken to an auto mechanic or dealership for recycling.
DropOff Day, and Concord Public Works, 133 Keyes Road 8:30-4:30 M-F

Bikes are accepted by Bikes-not-Bombs at the semi-annual DropOff Days.Bikes-not-Bombs works with inner city youth to repair mountain bikes and 3-speed bikes and sends them to central America.
Drop Off Day
 Books and Magazines
Books and magazines may be taken to the Concord Free Library for resale at the annual book sale.  Some books may also be taken to the secondhand bookshops in Concord. Call shops for details.
 To recycle books that are no longer of value:
Paperback books - recycle with mixed paper recycling
Hardcover books - remove hardcovers and recycle pages with mixed paper recycling.  Dispose of hardcover with regular trash.  
Concord Free Library

The Barrow
Main Street
Concord Center
Books with a Past
Thoreau Street
Concord Center
Twice Told Tales
Commonwealth Ave.
West Concord
Corrugated Cardboard
Corrugated cardboard boxes from residents may be recycled at the Public Works visitor parking lot and at the Composting Site. No other paper items (except packaging paper listed below) are accepted at these sites. Remove all wood, Styrofoam, plastic, etc. This service is available to Concord residents only and is not for use by businesses.
Moving Boxes
There is an organization that will pickup moving boxes that are in excellent condition at your home at no charge. Boxes are resold so only moving boxes in excellent condition are acceptable. 
Packaging Paper
Packaging paper from moving may be recycled at the cardboard drop-off. Pack into paper shopping or paper leaf bags and place inside cardboard recycling dumpsters.
Concord Public Works
Visitor parking lot
133 Keyes Road
Composting Site
Walden Street
Saturdays, 9-3
April - Nov.
Benezra Boxes

You will recycle more plastic by recycling the carpet from your home once every 15 years then by setting plastic containers at the curb every week for 15 years. Unfortunately carpet recycling is not yet widely available. Individual consumers generally can't get rid of a carpet, but you can ask installers and renovation companies if they will do it for you.
DropOff Day
Conigliaro 508-872-9668
CD’s, Computer Disks, & Videos
CD’s, computer disks, and videos may be recycled at Concord’s drop-off day or sent to organizations that recycle these products.
Drop-off days
Green Disk
ACT Recycling

Cell Phones
Old cell phones have become a useful tool in the fight against domestic violence. Organizations reprogram old cell phones to dial 911 and distribute them at no cost to victims of domestic violence who cannot afford a fully operative cell phone.

CPW-133 Keyes Road (For REUSIT)
Spring and Fall Drop-off Days

Clothing, Linens, Household Items, and Furniture
Many charitable organizations accept clothing, linens, household items, and furniture in good, usable condition. To the right are drop-off locations available in Concord. Household items may also be brought to the spring or fall SwapOff day. Many Charitable organizations will also come to your home for larger items and larger quantities of materials. Different organizations do different things with their materials, so items that are appropriate for one organization might not be as appropriate for another. Be sure to ask each organization what they do with collected items.

As a general rule, all items must be in usable condition; no rips, stains, or broken parts. While there was a time years ago when charitable organizations repaired and mended broken items, that is no longer the case. Items are sold or distributed "as is". Charitable organizations rarely want non-functioning items, even those that "only need........"
Furniture and Household Items
  Household Goods Recycling Ministry
Acton - 978-263-5929
Clothing, Linens, and Household Items
Goodwill  at Crosby’s Market, 211 Sudbury Road
 Clothing Only
Red Cross at Papa Razzi Restaurant, 768 Elm Street and at West Concord MBTA parking lot
St Vincent DePaulat West Concord MBTA parking lot

 Coat Hangers
Many dry cleaners will take back coat hangers for reuse. They may also be brought to the spring and fall drop-off days for recycling as scrap metal.
Ask your local dry cleaner
Spring and fall Dropoff Day


The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) banned the disposal of computer monitors and TV's from landfills and incinerators in Massachusetts due to the large quantity of lead contained in their screens and other hazardous components. These items must be collected separately for recycling and may not be disposed of with regular trash.

Concord Public Works and REUSIT provide two drop-off days per year for the recycling of computer monitors, TVs, and other electronic equipment. Some private haulers will pickup of computer monitors and TVs.

Staples and Best Buy have electronics recycling programs.  Costs are $10 per unit ($10 for monitors and $10 for cpu's).  Please contact them for up-to-date information.


The following sites list organizations that will accept reasonably new computers and color monitors. They will upgrade equipment and redistribute them according to their goals.


Electronic Industries Alliance

Manufacturers and retailers are beginning to provide electronics recycling opportunities for their customers.

This information is current as of April, 2010.

Spring and Fall Drop-Off Day


Concord Public Works - 133 Keyes Road

Local Staples Store

Best Buy





 Concrete, asphalt, bricks, tile, rocks, etc .
These materials are accepted for reuse and recycling.
Must not include any metal or rebar.
Acton Sand and Gravel
960 Main St. (Rt. 27)
Acton, 01720
Construction and Demolition Debris
When renovating your home there are only two places for construction and demolition debris to go: to a landfill or to a construction and demolition debris recycling facility. When doing work on your home be sure to ask the contractor to send materials to a recycling facility instead of a landfill.
For more information see:
Roofing Shingles
Egg Cartons
Egg cartons may be taken to a local farm that raises chickens and sells eggs. 
Electronics frequently contain valuable precious metals in their circuit board and other recyclable materials. Old and no longer working electronics may be recycled at Concord’s spring and fall drop-off day. (See Computers above for information on computer recycling).
Staples and Best Buy have electronics recycling programs.
Spring and fall Drop-off Days
Concord Public Works
Best Buy
Eye Glasses
Old eyeglasses are collected for reuse by needy individuals. Eyeglasses are cleaned, repaired and measured to determine the correction. Available glasses are cataloged in a computer database, and matched to people with need. Many of the glasses are sent to other countries, as laws in the USA make it difficult to re-dispense a prescription product.

The Lions Club  operates the largest program, collecting glasses from thousands of opticians and drop-off locations. There are a number of locations in Concord where glasses may be donated.
Eyeglass recycling boxes
Concord Post Offices
Community Bank
Harvey Wheeler Community Center
Middlesex Bank
Town House
West Concord Pharamcy

Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers should be checked every six years to be sure they are still fully charged and working properly. Fire extinguishes should not be placed inside a trash truck or incinerator because of the great pressure they are under. Old and no longer working fire extinguishers may be recycled by dropping them off at either of Concord's fire stations. AC&E Fire Extinguisher Company will remove and reuse the chemicals inside and recycle the metal canister. Fire extinguishers may be taken to West Concord Five & Dime and Vanderhoof's for maintenance or to be recharged.

Main Street, Concord Center

Drop-off Days

CPW - 133 Keyes Road
 Flower Vases
If you receive flowers from a local shop and don’t need any more vases, rinse the vase and return it to the flower shop for reuse.
Local Flower Shop
Fluorescent Bulbs
Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury and should not be disposed of with your regular trash. Residents may recycle straight, U, round, and compact fluorescent bulbs may be recycled at the locations listed to the right. Business should contact Concord Public Works or the Massachusetts DEP for information on regulations that ban the disposal of fluorescent bulbs from the regular waste stream, and disposal options.
Concord Public Works
Weekdays 8:30 - 4:30
West Concord 5 & 10
Home Depot (compact fluorescent bulbs only)
DropOff Days
Furniture - see Clothing above.
Metal Items
Metal items such as keys, nails, old pots, old folding chairs, aluminum lawn furniture, as well as appliances may be recycled at Concord’s spring and fall drop-off days.
Spring and fall Drop-off Day

Motor Oil
Locations on the right accept used motor oil (some restrictions might apply).  Please call first to confirm current oil collection policies.  You can also check with your local mechanic or the retailer you purchased the oil from.
NAPA Auto Parts
Maynard (978-897-8691)
Jiffy Lube
Maynard (978-897-3327)
Bedford (781-275-2776)
Moving Boxes -  (see Cardboard above)
Paint and Related Products
Paint and related products may be recycled at Concord’s Paint shed. Limitations apply. See Paint Recycling
Paint Shed
 Composting Site
Walden Street
Saturdays, 9-3, April - Oct.
Plastic Bags
There is a very strong market for plastic bags for reuse in plastic lumber. Recyclable bags include plastic shopping and grocery bags, produce bags, dry cleaner bags, newspaper bags, sandwich bags, bread bags, and any other plastic bag or film that is marked with a 2 or 4. These bags are always a little stretchy. If the bag has no "give" it should not be recycled.
Whole Foods
Stop & Shop
Shaw's (Star Market)

 Printer Cartridges
Many printer cartridges can be sent back to their manufacturer to be refurbished and refilled for reuse. Check the packaging to see if it includes cartridge return information. If it does not, look for a local remanufacturer. Frequently they will send you a shipping label that will allow you to send the cartridge to them at no cost.

CPW collects used printer cartridges for REUSIT.

Purchasing remanufactured printer cartridges both saves money and reduces waste. Next time you need a printer cartridge consider purchasing a remanufactured one.
  133 Keyes Road 8:30-4:30
 DropOff Days
Propane Tanks
Most places that sell propane tanks will take them back. Some places will accept propane tanks for a fee. In Concord propane tanks may be taken to Concord Lumber for a $5 fee. Propane tanks may also be brought to the spring and fall Drop-off days for a fee. 

Concord Lumber
Spring and Fall Drop-off Days
 Reusable Building Materials
The Building Material Resource Center collects reusable building materials, such as flooring, cabinets, kitchen and bath fixtures and materials, doors and windows (no lead paint) electrical equipment, full sheet plywood, gypsum board, 6'+ lumber, and any other reusable materials. Materials are made available to low income families and non-profit organizations at a nominal cost.
Building Materials Resource Center
100 Terrace Street
Roxbury, MA 02120
Spring and Fall Drop-off Days
 Smoke Detectors
The most common type of smoke detector contains a small amount of Americium 241, a radioactive material. For this reason all detectors must, by law, be labeled as to radioactive content. Detector companies accept returned radioactive detectors for disposal as hazardous waste. Detectors have a limited life span, usually specified at ten years. Testing your detector with actual smoke is the only way to be sure it will work when needed. Contact manufacturer for proper disposal information.  For more information call 800-323-9005 or 800-387-4219

The vast majority of smoke detectors are made by First Alert Corporation. Look on the back for an address. Any manufactured in Aurora IL may be sent back to First Alert.
First Alert
 Radioactive Waste Disposal
780 McClure Road
Aurora, IL 60504-2495
Send detectors by surface mail or UPS Ground so they don't end up in an airplane.

Styrofoam Packaging Peanuts / Sheets/Air Pillows
Styrofoam Packaging peanuts may be taken to a packaging store such as Mail Boxes Etc. during business hours only.  No cardboard, paper, cups, trays, etc.  Please be sure that no trash, leaves, dirt, etc. are mixed in with the peanuts.
Styrofoam Block may be recycled at Concord's spring and fall  Drop-off days.
Packaging Peanuts
Mail Boxes Etc
Thoreau Street
M-F 9:30 - 6 P.M.
Sat 9:30 - 12 P.M.
Drop-off Day (block only)
Concord Public Works
Thermometers - (silver fever thermometers)
Mercury fever thermometers (the silver ones) contain a significant amount of mercury that should not end up in a landfill, incinerator, or wastewater. Recycle working and broken thermometers at Concord Public Works. Please place thermometers in sealed plastic bag or other secure container.
Concord Public Works
133 Keyes Road
Weekdays, 8:30 - 4:30
Drop-off Day

Older household thermostats use mercury to regulate the heat in your home. If you are replacing your old thermostat do not throw it out with your trash. Thermostats can be recycled at Concord Public Works or the Concord Building Department.
Concord Public Works
133 Keyes Road
Weekdays, 8:30 - 4:30
Drop-off Day
 Tyvek Mailing Envelopes
Tyvek mailing envelopes are made from #2 plastic and although they are not collected at curbside, you can mail them back to DuPont for recycling. Put them inside a used Tyvek envelop, put on a new label and send to Dupont. 

How to distinguish Tyvek envelopes from paper:
Tyvek envelopes are as thin as paper, usually white, with a soapy smooth ricepaper like finish. You can tell they are not paper because they are almost completely indistructable.    Often the envelope will say Tyvek or #2 plastic, but not always.
Terry Fife- Tyvek® Recycling Specialist
5401 Jefferson Davis Highway
Spot 197 - Room 231
Richmond, VA 23234

Wood Recycling
Wood products such as fencing, can be brought to the DropOff SwapOff events.
DropOff Day

Wrapping Paper
Some curbside recycling programs (including the town’s municipal collection program) accept paper wrapping paper for recycling, ask your hauler. Be sure to remove all ribbons, bows, Mylar, cellophane, and foil coated papers before recycling.
  Links to sites for additional information:
The following directories, produced by  WasteCap of Massachusetts and available from their web site, list additional recycling opportunities:  Recycling Services Directory and Market Guide for Massachusetts  

Please let us know of additional recycling opportunities we should include in our listings. Recycling and Waste Management Program

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