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The Concord Police Department runs sponsors a number of important community projects. If you want further information about any of them or to find out how you can become involved, please get in touch with the contact person specified for each program.
Programs that are sponsored by the Concord Police
Programs that the Concord Police collaborate with:

Child Passenger Seat Safety

When proper installed, child safety seats reduce the risk of death in a motor vehicle crash by 71% for infants and 54% for toddlers. Amazingly, according to the Massachusetts Governor's Highway Safety Bureau, about 95% of child safety seats checked in Massachusetts are improperly installed.

Proper Child Safety Seat Use Chart:

Children under the age of 12 should be placed in the rear seating area for greatest protection.
Birth to 1 Year up to 20-22 Lbs.
Over 1 year and over 20 but less than 40 Lbs.
Over 40 Lbs. ages 4-8, Unless 4'-9"
Type of Seat
Infant Only or Rear Facing convertible
Convertible / Forward facing
Belt positioning booster seat
Seat Position
Rear Facing only
Forward Facing
Foward Facing
Always Make Sure:

Children to one year and at least 20 Lbs. in rear facing seats.

Harness straps at or below shoulder level

Harness straps should be at or above shoulders.

Most seats require top slot for forward facing

Belt positioning booster seats must be used with both lap and shoulder belt.

Make sure the lap belt fits low and tight across lap/upper thigh area and the shoulder belt fits snug across the chest and shoulder to avoid abdominal injuries

All children age 12 and under should ride in back seat.
All children age 12 and under should ride in back seat
All children age 12 and under should ride in back seat

Crime Prevention

Residential and Commercial safety and security checks, Information on locks, lighting, alarms, scam alerts, Internet safety, provide safety tips in the Concord Journal. Detective Scott Camilleri

Drug Abuse and Resistance Education - D.A.R.E.

The Concord Public Schools and the Concord Police Department are partners in D.A.R.E. The program is a core program instructed to Concord fifth graders at the Alcott, Thoreau and Willard elementary schools. The D.A.R.E. offers an educational program in the classroom to prevent or reduce drug abuse and violence among our children. Students are taught to recognize and resist the many pressures, especially peer pressure, that influence them to experiment with alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, inhalants, or other drugs. The focus is on developing social competence, communications skills, self-esteem, making proper decisions, consequences, and conflict resolution. The emphasis on promoting positive alternatives to drug abuse and destructive behaviors, and keeping our minds and body healthy! Detective Scott Camilleri

School Resource Officer

This program is designed to assist the Concord Public Schools Board of Education and the general community in reducing juvenile crime. This is accomplished through a collaborative approach between law enforcement and the school system, focused on education, prevention, communication and information sharing.

The program also provides an opportunity to educate school personnel and students about Massachusetts' laws and their role in society, as well as provide information about the juvenile or criminal justice systems. Officers are knowledgeable about criminal law and can arrange classroom or assembly presentations on various topics.

The program provides teachers, administrators and staff with information concerning school and community problems that affect students and their classroom performance. This can be especially helpful in allowing school and law enforcement officials to intervene at the early stages of a potential problem. Detective Scott Camilleri

Elder Affairs Officer

A partnership between the Concord Police Department, Concord Council on Aging and Concord's senior population. The Elder Affairs Officer assists in coordination with resources, community support, and protective services, as well as of fulfill the needs of Concord's seniors.

Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) System - Women's Basic Self-Defense Course

The Rape Aggression Defense System is a program of realistic self-defense, from risk reduction and avoidance strategies, to hands-on defense training. R.A.D. is not a martial arts program. It is a 5 week course utilizing techniques designed for simplicity and ease in learning, providing a system of effective and proven self defense tactics for women. Participants take an active role in their own self-defense and well being in this course.

R.A.D. Objective: "To develop and enhance the options of self defense so they may become viable considerations to the woman who is attacked." - Lawrence Nadeau, Founder of R.A.D. Systems.

The Concord Police Department collaborates in the following important community projects. If you want further information about any of them or to find out how you can become involved, please get in touch with the contact person specified for each program.

Communities for Restorative Justice

The principles of Restorative Justice recognize that criminal behavior is an offense against human relationships. Crime victims suffer direct harm. In addition, trust, the critical basis of interrelationships within a community, has been broken as well. Restorative justice principles hold that the offender has an obligation and the ability to understand the harm he or she has caused and to repair that harm. The victim, the offender and the community are able to work together to devise a fair and appropriate response and to restore trust in the community. For additional information contact C4RJ at 978-318-3447, or visit their website

Domestic Violence Victim Assistance Program (D.V.V.A.P.)

Is a community collaboration that works to end the cycle of domestic violence by training volunteers to provide support, advocacy, and options to victims.

Co-founded in October, 1998 by the Concord Police Department and The Network for Women's Lives, DVVAP's current collaborators include the Acton, Concord and Maynard Police Departments and Domestic Violence Services of Central Middlesex, Inc., an inter-community umbrella organization dedicated to the creation, support of and collaboration with domestic violence programs to serve the unique needs of the central Middlesex area.
Reach DVAAP at P.O. Box 1556, Concord, MA 01742, (978) 318-3421, or visit the DVVAP web site.

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