DVSN Safety


Safety Alert: Computer use can be monitored and is impossible to completely clear. If you are in danger, please use a safer computer, call your local hotline, and/or call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE. If you are at a safer computer, click here to read more.

Things to Consider:

Plan escape routes and a safe place to go.

Keep purse, car keys, and a phone close at hand (a free 9-1-1 cellular phone is available by calling DVSN at 1.888.991.4639).

Tell children or neighbors to call the police if they hear an argument; use a code word to alert them that you're in trouble.

Avoid arguments in rooms with potential weapons, such as the kitchen or garage, or in rooms without access to an outside door.

Know your legal rights. Consider obtaining a restraining order.

If you're planning to leave, open a bank account. Have statements sent to a trusted friend or relative.

Gather important documents and belongings for you and the children. Keep these items in a safe place so that if you need to flee suddenly, you can get to them.

Checklist of Items to Bring with You:

       birth certificates
       social security cards
       medical records
       children's school records
       address book
       money, bankbooks (but no checks, ATM cards or credit cards - these are too easily traced
       driver's license and registration, passport, green card, work permits, welfare identification
       marriage license, divorce papers
       lease/rental agreement or deed
       mortgage and car payment books
       insurance policies
       clothes, pictures, jewelry, items of sentimental value
       children's favorite toys/blankets
       documentation of past abuse - photos, police reports, medical records
       legal documents - restraining orders, papers that show jointly owned assets