Frequently Asked Questions
1.  What are the cemetery hours?

A.  7:00 A.M. to dusk daily, weather permitting

2.  Are tour groups allowed?

A.  Yes, but it is advised to contact the cemetery department prior to arrival.

3.  What's allowed for plantings at the cemetery?

A.  You should contact the cemetery department before planting anything.

4.  How do I find information about family plots or genealogy?

A.  Please contact the cemetery division first by calling 978-318-3233 or via email at

5.  Can I get a burial plot in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery?

A.  Yes, burial lots are available in the new area "The Knoll" at Sleepy Hollow, which is located approximately 1/2 mile east of the main cemetery on Bedford Street.  Contact Tish Hopkins.

6.  Is grave rubbing allowed in any of concord's cemeteries?

A.  No, grave rubbing is not allowed as the wax or marker material can get on the grave markers and accelerate their deterioration.