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Town House, P.O. Box 535, 22 Monument Square 
Concord ,MA 01742 
(978) 318-3001
(978) 318-3002
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Michael Lawson, Chair
Jane Hotchkiss, Clerk
Alice Kaufman
Steven Ng
Tom McKean
Office Staff Support
Ruth Lauer
Administrative Assistant
(978) 318-3001
The Concord Select Board has five members who are elected to serve three year terms, as defined by the Town Charter and the Term of Office Bylaw. The Town Charter, Bylaws, and the General Laws of Massachusetts grant the Select Board broad powers to govern the Town.

The Select Board appoint more than 20 boards and committees (permanent and ad hoc). The Select Board act as the primary policy-making body for a wide variety of issues, which affect the Town's development and provision of services. They recommend the budget to the Annual Town Meeting, approve the reorganization of Town departments; provide oversight for matters in litigation; and act as the licensing authority for a wide variety of licenses and permits. The Select Board also enact Rules and Regulations for such matters as traffic control, underground wiring and street lighting.

The Select Board generally meet on Monday nights at the Town House in the Select Board Meeting Room. For detailed  information about the Select Board's schedule, meeting times or other meeting information, please contact the Select Board's Office.