Commercial Lighting Programs

New Construction & Major Renovations

CMLP's High Efficiency Lighting Program for new construction and major renovations helps you manage your operating costs and add value to your business by installing more energy efficient indoor lighting.
Concord Ligh Efficiency Business and Lighting Programs


All projects that qualify under this program must:
  • Be a code-dependent new construction project or extensive/substantial renovation project that installs new lighting throughout the building or renovated space;
  • Maintain lighting levels in accordance with the recommendation of the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America's 10th Edition Handbook or supporting Design Guides;
  • Provide high quality lighting achieving appropriate levels of glare control, color rendering, lighting uniformity, and other lighting quality parameters.

CMLP Provides

Financial Incentives

Rebate of up to $1,000/kW of demand reduced by lowering the Lighting Power Density (LPD) in watts per square foot from the baseline lighting design that complies with the Interior Power Lighting Allowance in the Energy Code that applies to your building type and size in Concord. The maximum rebate is $50,000 per customer during the lifetime of the Program.


CMLP wants the community to know that you are an energy efficiency role model.
  • Each year, CMLP will recognize High Efficiency Lighting Program participants in a full page ad in the Concord Journal.
  • CMLP will provide you with a plaque indicating that you are a High Efficiency Lighting Program participant.

Program Participation

Learn how to participate in the high efficiency lighting program for new construction and major renovations by visiting the Commercial Lighting Participation page.