Holiday Schedule & Inclement Weather Policy

Monday holidays never affect collection. When a major holiday falls on a Tuesday - Friday, that day's collection and all remaining collections for the week will be delayed one day. Friday collection will occur on Saturday. If Veterans' Day falls on a Tuesday-Friday, there is no delay in pickup.

2017 Schedule

Holiday Day of the Week
Date Details
July 4 Tuesday July 4 Tues, Weds, Thurs collection delayed one day.  Friday collection will occur on Saturday.
Columbus Day Monday Oct. 9 Regular Schedule all Week
Veterans' Day Saturday Nov. 11 Regular Schedule all Week
Thanksgiving Thursday Nov. 23 Thursday & Friday collection will be delayed one day.  Friday collection will occur on Saturday.
Christmas Monday Dec. 25 Regular Schedule all Week

2018 Schedule

Holiday Day of the Week Date Details
New Year's Day Monday Jan. 1 Regular Schedule all Week

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When weather is bad but roads are passable, collection will occur as scheduled, but residents are encouraged to hold materials until the following week if possible, in order to minimize the number of roadside obstacles that may interfere with plowing.

Severe Snow Storm

In the event of a severe snow storm or snow emergency, where roads are not drive able and Waste Management is unable to travel, collection will be cancelled that day and Trash & Recycling will be collected on Saturday instead. Just the route on the day of the storm will be affected; there will be no delay in collection on other days that week, unless subscribers are notified otherwise.

Should there be a delay in collection, it will be indicated on a voicemail recording at 978-318-3240. Subscribers can also reach Concord Public Works at this number for updates during business hours.
Collection delays are also typically posted under Community News.