Lowell Road - Substantially Completed

​Project Name: 2017 Lowell Road Improvements

Department: Concord Public Works - Engineering Division

General Contractor: Revoli Construction Co., Inc.

Project Manager and Contact Info: Nathan Chin - Assistant Public Works Engineer, 978-318-3210, nchin@concordma.gov

Program: This project is part of the Town of Concord's annual Roads Program, in association with fund sources by: Chapter 90 and Hazard Mitigation Grant Program, both Commonwealth of Massachusetts administered programs.

Project Overview:
The 2017 Lowell Road Improvements is a project designed to improve the existing drainage infrastructure along Lowell Road from Westford Road to Lindsey Pond Road. Drainage improvements include the replacement of an undersized culvert with a new pre-cast box culvert, as well as additional drainage pipework, catch basins and drainage manholes.

Scope of Work:
Construction is anticipated to begin on Monday, May 22nd, 2017 and continue until late July, 2017. The construction of the drainage collection system (a system of drainage pipes and catch basins to collect stormwater runoff from Lowell Road) would commence first. The culvert replacement phase of construction is slated to begin mid-June. This portion of construction will involve the replacement of an undersized fieldstone box culvert with a pre-cast box culvert that is approximately three feet tall by eight feet wide. This would greatly increase the existing capacity of the culvert, thus prevent roadway wash-out during a high-intensity rain storm.

Construction on Lowell Road has reached substantial completion.  In Spring 2018, construction will continue with the re-surfacing of Lowell Road from Barrett’s Mill Road to Westford Road.  Please stand by for further information as the date approaches.