Solar Rebates for Your Home or Business

For Residential solar PV installations:

For solar PV installations, CMLP offers rebates of $625 per kW AC of installed, capacity, capped at $3,125. To apply for a Residential Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Panel Installation Approval Request, please complete the documents below: 

  1. Residential Interconnection Application (PDF)
  2. CMLP Solar PV Rebate Application (XML)* 
  3. CMLP Solar PV Rebate Terms & Conditions (PDF)*
  4. Residential Net Metering Policy Acknowledgement (PDF)
  5. Copy of portions of Contract Between Resident & System Installer showing: installer contact information, system size, cost & signatures*
  6. Wiring diagram
  7. Specification Sheets for All Equipment (i.e. Solar PV Panels & Inverters)
* (if requesting rebate)

Once your documents are complete, please return them electronically to Energy New England or by mail to:

Concord Rebates
c/o Energy New  England
100 Foxborough Blvd. Suite 110
Foxboro MA 02035

If you have any questions, please contact:
Concord Municipal Light Plant
PO Box 1029
1175 Elm Street
Concord MA 01742
ATTN: Pamela Cady
(978) 318-3149

For further information on CMLP's residential net metering rate, please review the Residential Net Metering with Banking Rate Schedule (PDF)

For Commercial solar PV installations:

  1. Rebate Application in Excel format
  2. Rebate Terms and Conditions (PDF)
  3. Commercial Interconnection Application (PDF)

For further information on CMLP's commercial net metering rate, review the General Service Net Metering Rate Schedule (PDF).