Boards & Committees A-C

  1. 2229 Main Street Oversight Committee

    Learn more about the 2229 Main Street Oversight Committee and their role in Concord.

  2. Agriculture Committee

    View the programs and work of the Agriculture Committee.

  3. Board of Assessors

    The assessment board revolves around property and tax assessment; find membership information, meeting documents, and contact information.

  4. Board of Health

    View meeting agendas and minutes and additional information on the Board of Health.

  5. Board of Registrars

    The committee's duties include annual listing of all persons in the Town who are 17 years of age or older, attending to the registration of voters, accepting nomination papers, certifying initiative or referendum petitions and maintaining voting lists.

  6. Bruce Freeman Rail Trail Committee

    The purpose of the Committee is to advise the Select Board and Town Manager on matters concerning the design, development, and long-term maintenance of the Bruce Freeman Rail Trail (BFRT).

  7. Cable Advisory Committee

    The purpose of the Cable Television Advisory Committee is to provide advice and assistance to the Select Board in monitoring compliance with the Cable Television License Agreement and other aspects of cable television service in Concord including the local access channels.

  8. Cemetery Committee

    View details of the Cemetery Committee and their work for Concord.

  9. Citizen School Transportation Committee

    This Committee's intent is to search diligently for ways to maintain the existing Bus Transportation Department.

  10. Committee on Disability

    The Town of Concord's Committee on Disability was formed to promote the inclusion and integration of persons with all types of disabilities in the community. This includes but is not limited to social and recreational activities, services, employment, and enjoyment of the arts.

  11. Community Preservation Committee

    Better understand the work of the Community Preservation Committee and their impact on Concord.

  12. Comprehensive Long Range Plan Comm

    Learn more about the work of the Comprehensive Long Range Plan Committee and what they do for Concord.

  13. Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Comm

    View details on the work of the Comprehensive Sustainable Energy Committee.

  14. Concord Housing Development Corporation

    The Concord Housing Development Corporation exercises its powers and performs its duties for the purpose of investigating and implementing alternatives for the provision of affordable housing for persons of low, moderate and middle income and others whose needs may be identified from time to time in the town.

  15. Concord Local Cultural Council

    The Concord Cultural Council is a non-profit organization appointed by the Select Board of the Town of Concord.

  16. Council On Aging Board

    The Council on Aging Board consists of 9 members appointed by the Town Manager.

  17. Concord Housing Authority

    The Concord Housing Authority provides housing assistance to applicants of low and moderate income through the management of Federal (HUD), State (DHCD) and local (CHA owned property) programs.