1. All Departments

    Contact government services, offices, boards, commissions, and elected officials.

  2. Finance

    Access the finance department and its inner department contact information.

  3. Fire

    View fire department including emergency and non-emergency services.

  4. Health

    Contact the Health Division. The mission of the Concord Health Division is to assess and address the needs of the Concord community, in order to protect and improve the health and quality of life of its residents and work force.

  5. Human Resources

    Contact and learn more about the services provided to Town of Concord employees by the Human Resources Department.

  6. Main Library

    Contact the main library branch.

  7. Police

    In the case of emergency or other notable services, contact the Police. The Concord Police Department seeks to affirmatively promote, preserve and deliver a feeling of security, safety and quality services to all members of our community through ethical decision making based upon integrity, morality and respect for the dignity and diversity of all.

  8. Recreation

    Contact the Concord Recreation Division.

  9. Select Board

    The Select Board acts as the primary policy-making body for a wide variety of issues, which affect the Town's development and provision of services.

  10. Town Manager

    The mission of the Office of Town Manager is to support the Town Manager and the Select Board in the performance of their administrative and managerial duties as established by the laws of Massachusetts, Town bylaws, and the Concord Town Charter.

  11. Public Works

    Contact the Concord Public Works Department.